We offer a Cleanse Detox program  just for you, a GREAT way to loose weight and feel fantastic in St Barth.  We provide personalized daily fresh juices and combine them with our delicious meals so that you are sure to feel your BEST!  .

Everyday Jojo, your private chef, will prepare fresh homemade juices and amazing  beverages at your villa or on Board  .Choose your own recipes in our  Thai , french ,Mediterranean menus ,everything is organic, gluten free and low fat  recipes . 

During the Cleanse Detox Program if you choose, Chef Jojo will teach you, amazing daily cookery courses, and her secret to keep your body sexy joli with  fresh healthy & incredible organic recipes

We dont promesse miracles , we will help you to feel alive again, boost your mood ,find your energy back ,  and keep  your pretty smile everyday day after day.

Cleanse Detox Program is not a Diet , it's  way of living .

Cleanse and boost your health in 1-3-5 days Start now, for information ask a member of the staff or send us an email: